Security Watchdog Krebs to Headline 2014 CNP Expo

Feb. 3, 2014

Security Watchdog Krebs to Headline 2014 CNP Expo Brian Krebs, the investigative journalist responsible for first revealing to the world news of the recent security breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus and Michael’s, will deliver a keynote address at the CNP Expo. Krebs has leveraged an incredible network of sources in the payments, financial and technology industries to consistently be the first to report on news of massive security failures—some of which evaded detection for months—that recently have been concentrated at high-profile retailers.

Krebs will keynote the 2014 CNP Expo to detail for attendees the current state of network security and what retailers and payment providers can expect in the future that could affect their ability to serve their customers.

Krebs launched his own blog in 2009 after 15 years as a reporter on the staff of the Washington Post. He authored more than 1,300 posts for the publication’s Security Fix blog along with hundreds of stories for the online and traditional version of the Post, including eight front-page stories.

“In the exploding e-commerce space, security is top of mind these days and Brian Krebs is the reason why,” said Steven Casco, CEO of and the CNP Expo. “Brian is one of the very few people card-not-present companies can listen to for a complete picture of what they’re up against. Having him at the CNP Expo is the latest example of how attuned we are with the challenges of the moment and delivering content merchants and payment providers can use to truly help their businesses.”