Security Experts Launch New Group

Dec. 13, 2012

High-profile experts from several areas of the information security industry have formed a new initiative aimed at providing discussion about and solutions for online trust and privacy issues. The Council for Identity Protection was created in response to rising incidences of identity theft, the online fraud that accompanies it and the need to balance the concerns of consumers, businesses and government.

“Too often the industry and consumers get caught up in the convenience, buzz and profits around new mobile, big data, cloud and social technologies. But we don’t always holistically look at the social risks and unintended economic consequences of all these technology and behavioral changes,” said Todd Davis, Chairman and CEO of LifeLock, a consumer-facing identity-theft prevention company and the Council’s main sponsor. “It is our belief that challenges in the digital age are not independent, but must be viewed with a more integrated view of the problem and ultimate solutions.”

The Council for Identity Protection has 6 founding board members including representatives from LifeLock subsidiary ID Analytics and antifraud solutions provider 41 st Parameter; a Berkeley law professor Chris Jay Hoofnagle; Dr. Markus Jakobsson, principal scientist of consumer security at PayPal; former hacker Kevin Mitnick; and e-commerce fraud consultant David Montague.