Security Company Says Apple Pay Violates Patent

A Boston-area company has filed suit in federal court claiming Apple and Visa infringed on multiple patents with the development and release of Apple Pay. Universal Secure Registry said the patents it holds cover smartphone-based biometric authentication and “go right to the core of Apple Pay.” Kenneth Weiss, the company’s CEO, holds dozens of patents and developed the SecurID token for RSA that is widely used to authenticate transactions for financial institutions and other companies.

The suit alleges that USR met with Visa under a non-disclosure agreement in 2010 to discuss the patented technology it believed would be integral in protecting mobile-based transactions. The company said Visa cut off contact and began working with Apple in 2013 to deliver a system based on USR technology.

USR believes that 13 of Weiss’ U.S. patents focusing on software applications that secure and authenticate mobile transactions granted since 2000 have been illegally infringed upon by Apple and Visa.

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