SecureNet Launches Single Stack of APIs for All Channels

July 28, 2014

SecureNet Launches Single Stack of APIs for All Channels SecureNet, an Austin, Texas-based provider of payment processing services for merchants, last week announced a new single stack of APIs that will enable merchants to integrate transactions across all channels. As more merchants look to add online, mobile and in-store capability often they are forced to use different providers, making reconciliation for merchants who want to offer e-commerce and m-commerce sites, mobile card acceptance and traditional retail locations difficult.

“From a merchant’s perspective, it becomes such and easy process to reconcile their accounts at the end of the day, because they don’t have one vendor for their e-commerce side, another for point of sale and a third one for mobile,” said Nish Modi, SecureNet’s vice president of product. “With our system, all three types of transactions reconcile on the back end.”

Modi said the number one deterrent merchants have from expanding from one channel into more is the massive investment in technology they would need from different vendors requiring different accounts and integrating everything smoothly. He said SecureNet’s single stack of APIs support card-present, card-not-present and ACH transactions so developers can avoid using different processors, versions or stacks, resulting in shorter integration timelines and simpler certification processes.