SecureKey, Intel Beef up Authentication for MasterPass

June 13, 2013

A Toronto authentication company yesterday said its technology has been integrated with MasterCard’s MasterPass digital commerce platform . SecureKey Technologies said the MasterPass service now includes an additional layer of security that protects consumers using Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT)-enabled devices. All Ultrabook devices and PCs with the latest Intel Core processors are shipped with Intel IPT, enabling hardware-based two-factor authentication solutions for online Websites and business log-ins. Consumers now can link any Intel IPT-enabled device to MasterPass-connected wallets and attain hardware-based security benefits because SecureKey’s DNA technology is integrated in all Intel IPT-enabled devices.

“MasterPass is designed to enable consumers to shop more confidently and safely and has been made even better with the help of SecureKey authentication services and technology using Intel IPT,” said Edward Olebe, group head of MasterPass, at MasterCard. “We are delighted that consumers using the MasterPass service can now benefit from the enhanced security and convenience they receive on Intel IPT-enabled devices, such as Ultrabooks.”