Secure Remote Payment Council White Paper Seeks Enhanced Security for E-Commerce and Mobile Payments

Nov. 10, 2011

The Secure Remote Payment Council (SRPc) today released a whitepaper detailing the Westwood, N.J.-based trade group’s efforts to improve the payments infrastructure for card not present environments. Among the recommendations from the SRPc’s Remote Payments Roadmap Task Force, which produced the paper, are maintaining interoperability between the physical, e-commerce and mobile payment environments and establishing criteria that will lead to security in CNP environments equal to that seen in the physical world by PIN debit POS. “The SRPc is dedicated to the growth, development, and interoperability of all card types as well as market adoption of debit based internet e-commerce and mobile channel payment methods that meet or exceed the security standards for pinned based card-present payments,” said Paul Tomasofsky, president and executive director of the Secure Remote Payment Council. “The work of the task force in this white paper represents an important step in this direction.” Tomasofsky said the group is encouraging its members and other stakeholders to comment on the principles set forth in the paper.

To request the 32 page White Paper PDF , please fill in the Contact Us / Request form on the SRPc’s website and it will be delivered via email.