Secure Electrans Nets PCI Certification for Online Shopping Chip-and-PIN Card Reader 

Nov. 5, 2012

Secure Electrans, a U.K.-based payments technology company, recently revealed its handheld Chip-and-PIN card reader designed for online shopping, has received PCI PTS 3.1 global certification. The terminal enables merchants to accept Chip-and-PIN credit and debit cards from consumers around the world in EMV-compliant countries. 

“Achieving this global certification is a major milestone in our development of the end-to-end infrastructure to expand Chip and PIN from the physical world into the e-commerce and mobile channels,” said Chris Jarman, managing director of Secure Electrans. “Our HomePay device is now certified to the highest levels of PCI compliance, including point-to-point encryption to keep all cardholder data safe and secure. HomePay retains the form factor familiar to us all in today’s retail environment, using the same cards and PINs that we each use daily.”