Samsung, ARM Join FIDO Board

April 24, 2014

The FIDO Alliance announced two major additions to its board this week when Samsung and ARM joined the standards-setting body. FIDO, which stands for Fast IDentity Online, is an industry-backed venture created to establish open specifications for authenticating consumers in online transactions. The companies involved have pledged to share technology and expertise in setting standards for those specifications.

Biometrics, one technology the organization is exploring for authentication, is central to both companies security efforts, FIDO officials said. The release of Samsung’s Galaxy S5, which included fingerprint-scanning technology enabling authentication of PayPal users, was the first deployment of “FIDO Ready” technology ever.

“Samsung’s adoption of FIDO Ready technology and fingerprint authentication, as evident in the new Samsung Galaxy S5, is paving the way for consumers worldwide to securely participate in mobile commerce with greatly improved convenience,” said FIDO Alliance vice president and PayPal senior cybersecurity advisor Brett McDowell.

ARM, the mobile chip maker, said it is “supportive of FIDO’s vision of a world beyond passwords and our security architecture can help to turn that into reality.”