SafetyPay Launches Global Online Cash Payment Network 

May 17, 2012

SafetyPay, a Miami-based online payment provider, yesterday launched an alternative payment method that lets online shoppers pay with cash. The company says the cash payment solution will be available to consumers in the U.S., Brazil, Peru, the Caribbean, Russia and the CIS countries. In the U.S., customers who choose the SafetyPay option at checkout complete the order by paying for the purchase with cash at a local Walmart or CVS store.

“Over the past four years, we have tested and proven our system in our Peruvian market that this option of selling to consumers is valuable and successful in enhancing the state of the economy,” says Sandra Feinberg, vice president of sales for SafetyPay. “We are introducing online cash payments to the world, through our network of banks and payment centers worldwide.”

The company says it has more than 700,000 cash payment locations available worldwide.