Report: U.S. Consumers Prefer Passwords to Biometrics While authentication experts have been decrying the effectiveness of passwords as a secure way to access online accounts of all kinds, a new study finds Americans are not ready to give them up, despite their flaws. A survey conducted by Yougov for email portal found 58 percent of U.S. consumers preferred passwords to biometric authentication methods to access their accounts. While familiarity undoubtedly played a role, none of the other biometric methods, including fingerprint, voice recognition, facial recognition or eye scan, garnered more than 10 percent favorability.

When asked to rate positive and negative statements regarding biometric authentication the two options that were chosen by the most respondents were concerns regarding private companies collecting personal data and not being able to access accounts if there is a malfunction. Each was identified by 42 percent of those polled. Only 16 percent thought biometric methods were better than passwords for online authentication. For companies offering these services, consumer education will be key to adoption.