Report: Some Travelers Favor Installments, Other Alternatives to Pay for Flights While credit cards still dominate as the preferred way to pay online for flights globally, airlines should be aware of some demographic changes that could prompt them to alter the payment methods they offer, according to a new report.

In Why Do They Pay That Way for Flights? , e-commerce acquirer and processor Worldpay found that the vast majority of travelers pay for flights online using a credit card, even in countries where credit cards are not the dominant payment method for online purchases overall. However, in nearly all the countries the report examined (Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India and the U.S.), millennials (18-25 year-olds) were more likely to use alternative payment methods like PayPal, Boleto Bancario, Alipay or NetBanking. And, in many of those countries, particularly Brazil, China and India, the overwhelming majority would use other payment methods if they were available.

The report also looked at the idea of installments as a way to pay for flights. Nearly 70 percent of Germans and 53 percent of American respondents were against the idea. Strong majorities in Brazil (where installment payments online are already popular), China and India, however, would use installments to pay for flights if given the option by their airline.