Report: Online Holiday Sales Predicted to Top $83 Billion

Nov. 16, 2015

Report: Online Holiday Sales Predicted to Top $83 Billion Online sales will reach a record $83 billion in the U.S. this year during November and December, according to Adobe’s 2015 Digital Index Online Shopping Prediction. That represents an 11 percent increase over last year. Europe will be led by the U.K. ($27 billion) and Germany ($24 billion). Worldwide, the holidays will account for 20 percent of online sales for the year, although that varies widely in the major e-commerce markets from 17.3 percent for Japan to nearly 24 percent in Austria. The U.S. places second in this measure at 22 percent.

Adobe also had several other interesting predictions for U.S merchants. Seventy-six percent of online sales will be devoted to just one percent of product SKUs, the report said (primarily electronics and gift cards). And, Cyber Monday will surpass $3 billion in sales for the first time while Black Friday creeps closer with $2.7 billion in sales predicted.

Mobile will garner a more significant chunk of holiday transactions this year, Adobe said. On Thanksgiving Day, mobile transactions will account for 29 percent of all online sales. But, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday as more people return home and to work, desktops will reassert themselves.