Report: Mobile Transactions Up, Tablets Deliver Higher-Value Transactions

Jan. 30, 2014

Report: Mobile Transactions Up, Tablets Deliver Higher-Value Transactions Mobile payments accounted for nearly 20 percent of all transactions, according to Dutch e-commerce acquirer and processor Adyen. In its third Adyen Mobile Payments Index, Amsterdam-based Adyen said year-over-year growth of mobile transactions was 55 percent. For the entire year of 2013, Adyen processed $14 billion in transactions, of which $2.2 billion were mobile.

The most recent Index, which covers the September-to-December time period, showed the highest value online transactions occurred on tablets. For all verticals except retail, smartphone payments eclipsed tablet payments in total volume, but tablets showed comparatively far higher average transaction value than smartphones or even PCs in the majority of cases. In retail, both transaction volume and average transaction value were higher on tablets.

Adyen’s Chief Commerce Officer Roelant Prins speculated that spontaneous purchases made on a phone might tend to be lower in value than on a tablet, where a richer browsing experience leads to higher-ticket purchases.

“Ease of payment is vital for merchants to keep up with the evolution of mobile devices and consumer behavior. Businesses are focusing on enhancing their payment interface over mobile channels to make it responsive, simple and clear for users,” said Prins. “That’s why having access to data on transaction volume and value is highly useful for merchants looking to optimise the user experience across mobile channels. It’s fascinating to look at a trend like tablets emerging as the leading device for more expensive purchases, and using this knowledge strategically to increase conversion rates.”