Report: Mobile Abandonment Improving, But Still Significant

Aug. 20, 2015

Report: Mobile Abandonment Improving, But Still Significant While 56 percent of smartphone owners say they have abandoned an e-commerce transaction on a mobile device, that number is down from two years ago when two-thirds said they had done the same, according to a new report from mobile authentication technology provider Jumio. The survey, conducted for Jumio by Harris Interactive, found purchase uncertainty to be the top reason for abandonment (identified by 45 percent of respondents), but usability issues closely followed with 36 percent indicating slow loading times forced them to abandon a purchase while 31 percent said it was too difficult to navigate the checkout process. Despite the decrease in abandonment, Jumio said businesses still are leaving nearly $25 billion on the table.

“As mobile transactions continue to skyrocket, so do abandoned purchases, incomplete account openings, and lost revenue,” said Marc Barach, chief marketing officer at Jumio. “Businesses have heeded the warning and are finally prioritizing mobile checkout experiences, underscored by the ten percent improvement in abandonment rates over the last two years. But, experiences are still far from being as seamless as they need to be.”

Of consumers who reported abandoning a purchase, 66 percent said they tried again later. Thirty-six percent of those attempts came on a desktop, while 23 percent tried again on a smartphone and only 7 percent said they tried for the second time on a tablet.