Report: M-Commerce Accounts for 29% of Online Transactions, iOS Rules

July 9, 2015

Report: M-Commerce Accounts for 29% of Online Transactions, iOS Rules Mobile commerce continues to snag a growing share of all online transactions, with 29 percent of e-commerce transactions originating on a mobile device, according to Adyen’s Mobile Payments Index for Q2 2015. The Index, which aggregates all transactions that cross the Dutch e-commerce processor and acquirer’s network, also said smartphones continue to outpace tablets as the preferred browser-based mobile payment device, with more than 64 percent of transactions originating on handsets compared to less than 62 percent in Q1 (although, for physical goods, consumers still prefer tablets to smartphones while for digital goods, smartphones dominate).

By transaction volume, iPhones account for the most mobile payments (35.6 percent) and also account for more than 10 percent of all online transactions processed by Adyen. iPads yield the highest average ticket of all mobile devices at $115 followed by Android tablets ($93), iPhones ($82) and Android smartphones ($75).

“The continued rise in popularity of the iPhone for making online purchases, coupled with the higher ATV from shoppers using iOS, suggest that businesses—especially those that classify themselves as premium brands—should target this valuable demographic in particular,” said Roelant Prins, chief commercial officer for Adyen. “Apple Pay, as it becomes available in more markets, represents a great opportunity for businesses to fulfill this as it enables them to deliver a seamless payment experience to iOS users.”