Report: L.L. Bean Best Overall Online Payments Features

Oct. 14, 2011

A California payments consultancy has produced a report evaluating the consumer-facing payments features of 20 of the top online merchants in the U.S. Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2011 Online Retail Payments Scorecard: New Options to Maximize Online Shopping Revenue examines four categories of payment features: payments information, payments options, payments security, and customer support. In addition to scoring national retailers on these four criteria, the report offers best practices to boost online sales revenue. “We recommend that merchants proactively educate consumers about the safety of online shopping, as nearly half of consumers indicate they would make more purchases online if merchants offered increased security and protection from fraud,” said Beth Robertson, director of payments research at Javelin. “While many aspects of online purchasing security involve backend processes that are transparent to customers, incorporating FAQs that address security concerns or promoting a consumer liability policy can reassure hesitant online shoppers.” The report named L.L. Bean as best overall for payments features, for best payment options, HSN for best payments information, for best payments security and Best Buy and for best customer support.