Report from NRF: ‘In-Context’ Checkout Keeps PayPal Users on Merchant’s Site

Jan. 16, 2014

masterpass-eur Several big announcements emerged from this year’s National Retail Federation Big Show in New York City this week. On Sunday, PayPal kicked the show off by unveiling its “In-Context Checkout.” The company now enables consumers to pay at a merchant site using PayPal without ever leaving the site, an improvement it said should increase conversion rates for online businesses. The service is in pilot at the moment, but rollout will begin with large merchants in the first half of 2014, according to Don Kingsborough, vice president of Retail Services for PayPal. Smaller PayPal merchants should have access to the new technology “soon,” he said.

Rather than leave the merchant’s site during the payment process, shoppers can enter their PayPal account and shipping info in a popup window that appears within the site the user is already on. The technology is device agnostic, as well, Kingsborough said.

“Now, when customers pay with PayPal online, the entire checkout experience can happen entirely within the merchant website, in a process that takes just a few seconds and requires fewer steps than before,” he said. “In addition, merchants only need to do one integration to get the same seamless checkout experience on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.”