Report: Europeans Turning to ‘Click and Collect’ in Large Numbers

Feb. 19, 2015

Report: Europeans Turning to ‘Click and Collect’ in Large Numbers For European companies pursuing an omnichannel strategy, a London-based e-commerce delivery technology company has some interesting data on the propensity of consumers to use alternative delivery methods in different countries. Overall, MetaPack found that click-and-collect (ordering online and picking up at a brick-and-mortar location) has been used by 65 percent of consumers polled in France, Germany and the U.K. Delivery by an online-only shop to local convenience store or pickup point has been used by 25 percent of those consumers. And, while the overall numbers show click-and-collect is gaining favor, the numbers vary in the different countries.

Click-and-collect is favored most in the U.K., with 63 percent of consumers there reporting they had used the delivery method, while only 43 percent of French consumers and 26 percent of Germans had. Respondents from Germany, however, are more likely to use a locker service (55 percent) than either British (10 percent) or French (9 percent) shoppers.

“Our research offers a great opportunity to think about the delivery options most likely to appeal to your target audience,” the report’s authors wrote. “For example, millennials and the want-it-now generation are keen to experiment with new options, trying anything and everything that the industry has to offer. Meanwhile the over-55s are avid users of click-and-collect services.”