Report: EC Must Address E-Commerce in Trade Negotiations

Aug. 31, 2015

Report: EC Must Address E-Commerce in Trade Negotiations A High Level Group set up by the European Commission to look at the retail sector has identified e-commerce as one of its essentials for maintaining global competitiveness in retail. The group’s final report said e-commerce is so important to European retail in general that it must be “taken into account by the Commission in all trade negotiations.” The report identified regulatory fragmentation, consumer concerns with security and ease and convenience in cross-border online payments as problems facing e-commerce in the EU.

The group offered several priority actions to address the problems: Taking digital technology into account in any legislation affecting retail—especially regarding establishing a level playing field between countries, incentivizing small and midsize businesses to get into e-commerce with new initiatives like the right to be forgotten and reviewing the tax code to create a fair taxation environment within and beyond the EU.