Report: Conversion Top Priority for International Online Gambling Sites

Feb. 8, 2016

Report: Conversion Top Priority for International Online Gambling Sites While online gambling (and even companies that are not yet classified as offering online gambling) are under attack in the U.S., in other countries the industry—called gaming in most of those markets—is thriving. Accepting payments, however, and paying out winning players remains a concern. SafeCarge, a London-based payment provider active in the payment space, recently launched its first annual Index of Payments in Gaming and found increased conversions, as it is with many online retail sectors, is the key focus.

Offering payment features to increase conversion is top of mind for online gaming executives. Eighty-five percent of executives polled by SafeCharge strongly agreed that offering localized payment methods would expand global business. The company also found that 77 percent of gaming companies said it’s possible to employ fraud-detection methods that root out fraud in real time but do not negatively affect conversion.

“Merchants need to increase conversions by offering simple, secure payment solutions to their global players,” said Shemer Katz, chief marketing officer of SafeCharge.  “This research confirms that our commitment to maximize increased conversions for our gaming merchants is in sync with top industry sentiment. Although merchants feel that conversions are currently the overriding concern we cannot downgrade our focus on risk and still need to stress its importance.”