Report: Consumers Want to Access Digital Content across Their Devices

July 11, 2013

Nearly 85 percent of online gamers wish games they purchased on one device could be accessed on their other devices, according to a new report from e-commerce processor WorldPay. With digital content accounting for a significant and growing share of online and mobile card-not-present transactions, London-based WorldPay surveyed more than 11,000 consumers globally to analyze how they get and pay for their games, e-books and other products.

“Restrictions have always existed around the ability to access video games on different devices,” said Colin Murray, vice president of video games for WorldPay. “However, an evolution is taking place in terms of consumer demands over how and when they access content and games they have purchased. Subsequently there is growing frustration regarding the limitations in place. Consumers have shown a willingness to pay extra for this functionality, and if video game merchants consider reviewing the rules around multi-device accessibility, it could present additional revenue streams.”

Among other findings, WorldPay said the research uncovered a significant share of consumers interested in being able to resell digital content. Chinese consumers (82 percent) led the way in expressing this preference, followed by consumers in South Korea (78 percent) and India (66 percent). Globally, the e-book was the number one form of digital content bought and downloaded over the last 12 months (39 percent). For online games, 32 percent paid using credit cards, followed by debit cards (22 percent) and e-wallets (13 percent) .