Report: Attention to Customer Experience And Payment Processing Boosts Online Sales

Dec. 5, 2013

Global acquirer and payments processor Adyen teamed up with payments consultancy Edgar Dunn & Company to produce a report that identified eight best practices merchants can implement to get the most out of their online sales channel.

“The advent of the Internet with the swift adoption of smartphones and tablets has rapidly changed consumer behavior and expectations,” the report said. “Consumers expect simplicity, convenience and relevance when shopping online or via their mobile. Just as importantly, they are looking for a multichannel and personalized approach to meet their specific needs.”

The report splits its eight recommendations into four directed at improving the consumer experience and four focused on optimizing payment processing. Best practices for enhancing the consumer experience include optimizing the design of payment pages, offering local forms of payment, offering one-click payment and leveraging 3D Secure. The companies said payment processing is optimized when merchants use a country-specific approach, generate recurring transactions through local payment types, turn fraud prevention into a profit center and leverage data.

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