Report: Amazon Mulling POS Payments Using Kindle

Feb. 3, 2014

Report: Amazon Mulling POS Payments Using Kindle When news leaked in December that Amazon had acquired mobile POS provider GoPago , speculation began in earnest that the online retailing giant could use the technology to expand into in-store payments. A Wall Street Journal report last week indicated that just might be the case and consumers could see mobile POS terminal in stores featuring Kindles as early as this summer.

While sources in the report warned the project could be “delayed, altered or canceled,” a POS system based on GoPago technology would thrust Amazon into direct competition with Square, but with the advantage of a database that already includes around 230 million accounts with credit cards on file. The company would also be competing with PayPal, which, although it has fewer customer accounts from its online payment operations (approximately 140 million), has a two-year head start in the brick-and-mortar payments space.