Report: 43% of Middle East Consumers Don’t Trust Online Payments

Sept. 26, 2011

A Dubai-based research firm has found consumers in the Middle East are even more concerned with the security of online payments than consumers in the West. A survey conducted by Real Opinions found that only 6 percent of Internet users in the Middle East purchase online regularly and only one third have ever purchased something online. The research company said it attributes the low number of online shoppers to a lack of trust and a lack of ability. The survey found 43 percent of consumers in the region do not trust the technology enough to use their payment card to make a purchase online and 36 percent said they do not have a suitable online payment option at all. “There is a tremendous opportunity in the Middle East for e-commerce to grow, particularly for UAE businesses to expand their marketplace from 3.5 million in the UAE to over 70 million in the region,” said Dan Healy, CEO of Real Opinions. “There is a demand for more local business to give Internet users the convenience of transacting online and 27 percent claim they haven’t done so as they haven’t been able to find them online. Much of the transactions being done at the moment are just for airlines, hotels and paying utility bills.”