ReD to Provide Anti-Fraud Program in Japan

April 18, 2011

London-based anti-fraud services provider Retail Decisions (ReD) recently signed an agreement with Tenso, a company that enables overseas customers to buy from Japanese online stores. According to the agreement, ReD, in collaboration with its Japanese partner NDS, will now be used to screen all online sales through “By using the ReD Shield platform, Tenso will now safely be able to expand its services and safely ship its products to over 50 countries outside of Japan which will have a major impact on the business,” said Carl Clump, CEO of ReD. “This is a significant step forward in increasing international online trade whilst mitigating the fraud risk.” The companies said while Japan’s e-commerce growth is expected to grow to $149 billion by 2014, overseas trade has been restricted as most e-retailers do not accept credit cards from other countries due to the risk of fraud.