ReD Fraud Maps Turn Up the Heat

Jan. 9, 2014

target-security ReD, a London-based antifraud technology provider, has released “heat maps” of eight urban areas in the U.K. and U.S. highlighting addresses and ZIP codes where the most fraud originates. ReD said the maps enable merchants using rules-based antifraud solutions to tweak the rules to account for the hot spots.

The maps illustrate levels of fraud—by postal district—for London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool in England; Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland; and New York and Los Angeles in the U.S.

“If you are a retailer considering selling into these markets – or if you are there already – check out the fraud heat maps to see how fraudsters move around the cities and how fraud patterns change over time,” said Ronan Le Mestre, head of risk, EMEA for ReD. “Use the information proactively to adjust your fraud rules, monitor delivery schedules, improve fraud prevention and better protect your customers and your business against online payment fraud.”

The U.K. maps were updated most recently on Jan. 6 and the U.S. versions on Jan. 7.