QR Codes Connect Paper Bills to Mobile Payment 

Sept. 10, 2012

A Seattle-based company that enables bill providers to go paperless has introduced a method for its clients that still must send paper bills to connect their customers to mobile bill pay. doxo late last week unveiled Connect QR Code that lets billers add a QR code to paper bills. When their customers scan the code with a mobile device, they automatically are connected with the bill provider through doxo where they can view their bill or statement and make a payment directly from the device. The digital document company said Connect QR Code turns any bill into a mobile payment connection point and will increase paperless adoption.

“Mobile is the fastest growing customer channel, but to date has been difficult for many businesses to efficiently utilize. Because of this, it’s important that we maximize the functionality of mobile devices to make it even easier for users to connect with their providers, access account documents, and make payments,” said Roger Parks, vice president of product at doxo. “The new Connect QR Codes enable businesses to offer this functionality without requiring users to create another biller account or download another app.”