Players Vacation Club Chooses SignatureLink for Help on Chargebacks

Aug. 23, 2010

SignatureLink , a Mississippi-based identity authentication service that enables legally binding electronic signature, announced that vacation financing company Players Vacation Club has employed its solution to bind its terms and conditions and help prevent fraudulent Card Not Present transactions. “The travel industry is plagued by illegitimate chargebacks and is considered one of the highest risk categories in terms of online payment fraud”, says Chito Collins, vice president of sales for SignatureLink. The company’s merchant customers embed an electronic signature pad in their shopping cart checkout page that shoppers must use to sign their name before completing their transaction; just like they would in a brick-n-mortar department store. Collins said when credit card companies evaluate a chargeback dispute, the added evidence SignatureLink captures—a real handwritten signature image, IP address, date/timestamp and browser version—results in more settlements in merchants’ favor. “Fraud prevention tools like those offered by SignatureLink provide merchants like us a leg to stand on during a chargeback dispute evaluation,” said Robert Gautereaux, president of Players Vacation Club. “Given their reputation to help with payment fraud issues specifically, we turned to SignatureLink as a quick and simple solution to complement our existing fraud tool portfolio.”