PE Systems Secures Patent for Technology to Automate Interchange Reduction  

April 19, 2012

A Philadelphia consultant specializing in advising clients on how to lower payment processing costs has been awarded a patent around technology that can identify if a merchant is paying too much interchange. The patent, secured by PE Systems, asserts that the categories used to determine interchange fees “are difficult to understand and track, resulting in merchants paying much more than they should, either by not knowing how to change to less expensive interchange categories or by being incorrectly assigned to expensive interchange categories.”

PE Systems says it uses the technology described in the patent to automate the process of auditing what interchange fees merchants are paying and determining if they are applying the correct interchange categories. The process then tracks reductions to the fees over a period of time and adjusts the rate to reflect the changes in interchange rates. The technology continues to monitor card transactions and determine cost reduction for ongoing billing cycles.