Payvision Expands Omnichannel Capabilities with PayPlaza

Dec. 17, 2015

Payvision Expands Omnichannel Capabilities with PayPlaza Payvision, a PSP based in Amsterdam, late last week announced a strategic investment in payment software company PayPlaza. The agreement strengthens ties between the two companies which had worked together in the past and underscores the importance having omnichannel solutions has become to payment providers in the card-not-present space. Payvision is known mostly for providing e-commerce merchants cross-border payment solutions.

The agreement will enable Payvision to add traditional and mobile point-of-sales capabilities to its product offerings. And, by investing in the company, the Dutch payment provider will be able to incorporate PayPlaza’s technology to a degree that enables merchants to take advantage of a single platform for cross-border, omnichannel strategies with one central interface and unified reporting. According to Gijs op de Weegh, Payvision’s COO, starting as a payment provider for e-commerce companies actually positions Payvision to serve brick-and-mortar companies transitioning to omnichannel better than traditional payment providers trying to go the other way.

“All the knowledge we gained over the years on the e-commerce side, especially regarding back-end reporting, reconciliation, merchant portal and merchant onboarding, is so much more advanced than what you get with normal POS systems already in the market,” op de Weegh told “We saw an opportunity by using that knowledge and partnering with PayPlaza to provide a better POS product to help them transition to e-commerce and mobile.”