Payvision Expands into Canada

April 14, 2014

Payvision Expands into Canada Dutch PSP Payvision is enabling cross-border e-commerce for its clients in a growing number of countries. The most recent region into which the Amsterdam-based company has expanded its operations is Canada. While relatively small, Canadian consumers are heavy e-commerce shoppers with a lot of technical savvy, making the market attractive to its e-commerce merchants, according to Ish Nabhan, Payvision’s vice president of sales for Canada. There are issues merchants selling into Canada need to consider, however, Nabhan warned.

“The challenges depend on the kind of partner you’re dealing with,” Nabhan told during an interview at ETA’s TRANSACT 2014 event in Las Vegas. “There is regulation in the form of government rules requiring transparency. We want all our credit-card acquirers and partners here to be transparent disclosing fees.”

Nabhan said his presence in Canada for Payvision is a differentiator for e-commerce merchants that want to sell there.

“I’m a local resource with local expertise,” he said. “We know the actual market, the market conditions and what’s important to consumers. There is a cultural component to sales. Understanding the different cultures is really huge.”

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