PayQuicker Launches Alternative Online Payment Portal

June 21, 2010

PayQuicker, a Rochester, N.Y.-based payment gateway, recently announced it has launched an online payment service it is billing as “the fast and free way” to receive payments online. Through a Web-based portal, PayQuicker enables online merchants to accept paper checks, ACH, direct deposit, electronic fund transfer and reloadable debit cards, according to a press release. Rather than requiring CNP merchants to accept payment cards to transact, PayQuicker turns every transaction into an inter-bank transfer “facilitating the free flow of funds from payer to payee.” “Recognizing the changing needs of global ecommerce, we’re very excited about introducing the smarter way to pay and enable our members to make or receive any type of payment to anyone, anywhere, at low or no cost,” said Paul Beldham, CEO, of PayQuicker, LLC. The company, founded in 2007, said all transactions are FDIC insured and PCI compliant.