PayPlum Adds Antifraud Service to Hosted Payment Solution

May 16, 2013

PayPlum, a PCI-compliance software provider, yesterday introduced a new service enabling merchants to reduce online theft and fraud by isolating payment data capture and transport. The company said its Man-in-the-Middle Secure (MiMS) service uses Big Data and advanced analytics to develop a merchant’s workflow “fingerprint” that minimizes Web browser attacks. Combining the new service with its Enterprise PCI compliance software results in what the company thinks is a unique security proposition for a hosted payment solution.

“Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which makes it difficult for merchants to differentiate good orders from bad ones,” said Greg McGraw, CEO and co-founder of PayPlum. “PayPlum’s Man-in-the-Middle technology provides our clients with the card-not-present industry’s first fraud detection tool for hosted payments along with a significant reduction in PCI scope.”

The “fingerprint” developed by MiMS can expose man-in-the-middle attacks in merchant Web servers in hours or days instead of weeks or months, the company said. Early detection of these attacks can protect and mitigate potential fines and monetary losses.