PayPal Mobile Black Friday Sales Post 516% Year-Over-Year Increase

Nov. 28, 2011

Mobile payment volume on Black Friday using PayPal increased 516 percent over last year, according to PayPal Shopping Specialist Claudia Lombana. In a post on PayPal’s blog, Lombana also reported Black Friday mobile payment volume more than doubled that of an average Friday, increasing 148 percent. The number of consumers using PayPal mobile to make purchases on the day after Thanksgiving this year was 371 percent higher than in 2010. “While many of you may have been out shopping for deals,” Lombana wrote, “PayPal saw more shoppers than ever skipping the lines and using smartphones and tablets to conveniently shop anytime, anywhere, and any way they wanted.” The top five cities from which mobile purchases originated were: New York, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago.