PayPal Launches Services with Starbucks, GE Energy 

July 16, 2012

PayPal made two announcements at the end of last week that further the company’s “anytime, anywhere, any way” multi-channel payments strategy. The online payment pioneer revealed that PayPal now can be used as a funding source for the Starbucks mobile app for Android users. If the Starbucks card stored in the app is running low on funds, according to Hill Ferguson, global vice president of product, “users can reload with PayPal quickly and securely, knowing all their financial information stored safely in the cloud.”

The company also partnered with GE Energy to enable buyers of electric vehicles (EVs) to use PayPal when they “fill up” at their local charging station. Consumers can use the GE WattStation Connect mobile app to find the nearest GE WattStation EV station, get pricing details and then pay with PayPal.

“If you find a charging station on your own, you can also use the app to scan a QR code on the WattStation to get the pricing and pay with PayPal,” says Scott Dunlap, vice president of Emerging Opportunities for PayPal. “You can even check the status of the charge while your vehicle is still charging.”