Payment Data Systems to Launch Remote Mobile Payment App for iPhone

Sept. 6, 2011

San Antonio payments processor Payment Data Systems Inc. recently said it will develop and deploy a wireless mobile payments application branded as “iRemotePay.” The application initially will be deployed for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch with plans to implement for Android phones at a future date. The application, like the popular Square app, will include a card reader device for the iPhone that enables a merchant to process credit card and ACH payments over the wireless networks from remote locations and view these payment transactions while away from the office. “iRemotePay is a great addition to our mobile-based merchant processing platform,” said Louis Hoch, President and COO of Payment Data Systems Inc. “Removing the need for fixed-location card entry terminals and taking advantage of an existing tool that is carried by tens of millions of people and simultaneously provides speed, security, and convenience for both the customer and the merchant representative clearly addresses the needs of the marketplace today and in the future.”