PayCertify Launches Gateway

PayCertify, a company with roots as a payment processor for the hotel industry, recently launched an e-commerce gateway it says will simplify the onboarding process for merchants while delivering advanced antifraud and authentication capabilities. PayCertify’s gateway uses Kount technology in a turnkey environment that enables merchants to benefit from an advanced fraud management tool without spending any time on integration. According to PayCertify CEO Chase Harmer, many merchants feel they cannot devote any time to this process—or simply aren’t capable.

Harmer also noted the gateway is integrated with Shopify and seven other e-commerce platforms and features enhanced authentication as an option for merchants. Consumers making a transaction can enter their mobile phone number and immediately receive a code via text message that they enter to authenticate themselves and validate the transaction.

“Anyone who has a service-related business that’s more susceptible to chargebacks and friendly fraud, they want that further validation to tie the consumer to the transaction and that’s what we provide,” Harmer said. “We’ve brought antifraud protection, CRM and authentication all together in one place.”