PAY.ON Launches Antifraud Solution for Acquirers, PSPs, ISOs

Nov. 25, 2013

German e-commerce processor PAY.ON has launched a fraud and chargeback management solution its network of PSPs, ISOs and acquirers can use to optimize their risk management by integrating information from everybody on the network. OneClickSafe, based on the risk checks of all its providers, condenses 25,000 rules into a solution that can be turned on with one mouse click.

“OneClickSafe now provides acquirers, PSPs and ISOs with highly efficient security packages that minimize fraud and chargeback risks, follow best-practice principles, are already configured and are always up to date, meaning no maintenance is required,” said Markus Rinderer, CEO of PAY.ON AG. “OneClickSafe reduces fraud by up to 80 percent at a mouse-click and is thus an exemplary protection measure against fraud in credit-card payments, SEPA direct debits and payments that use alternative payment methods. The risk checks included also minimize chargeback fees and unauthorized transactions. This simultaneously achieves higher conversion rates.”