Partnership Enables Consumers to Pay at Vending Machines Using Masterpass

The next time you don’t have change for a soda at a vending machine, you might be able to pull out your phone. Mastercard and mobile payment technology provider PayRange have partnered to enable consumers to use Masterpass to pay at vending machines in 300 North American cities. The PayRange mobile app is connected to vending machines in the U.S. and Canada. Starting May 1, consumers who have stored payment card details with Masterpass can use it to pay at those machines.

“PayRange thrives on reinventing the consumer experience in the world of automated retail by bringing legacy machines into the digital age,” said Paresh Patel, founder and CEO of PayRange. “The partnership with Mastercard grants millions of consumers access to the rewarding cashless experience across the PayRange network of machines. Gone are the days of digging for loose change or coin jams. With a swipe up on their phone, we’re making everyday payments simple—for everyone.”

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