Open Table to Enable Mobile Payment

Aug. 5, 2013

Open Table, a pioneer in the online restaurant reservation space, will leverage technology it inherited in a June acquisition to begin offering mobile payments for diners at many of its partner restaurants. In its second-quarter earnings call, Open Table CEO Matthew J. Roberts outlined some of the challenges its mobile payment solution, based on technology acquired from JustChalo, will address. Roberts said distribution of a mobile payment solution delivered by Open Table will take advantage of its relationships with more than 28,000 restaurants to ensure high adoption, a significant volume of diners using the service and a seamless experience from reservation to payment.

“It’s important to note that we don’t plan to charge restaurants for adopting this solution, and our intent is for the associated transaction fees to be neutral or potentially less expensive for restaurants than what they’re currently paying,” Roberts told analysts and media gathered for the call on Thursday. “We look at solving the check settlement problem as a strategic initiative that helps us further deliver on our vision of making the experience of dining out even better by removing the hassles that can get in the way and helping restaurants provide personalized hospitality.”

Roberts said the company will test a mobile payment solution in San Francisco restaurants “by the end of the year.”