Open Payments Platform Integrates Retail Decisions’ Anti-Fraud Technology

April 4, 2011

New York City-based IP Commerce, an open payments platform, recently signed an agreement with fraud prevention company Retail Decisions (ReD) to offer its merchants ReD’s ReD Shield technology. IP Commerce said its open payments platform, with the integration of Retail Decisions’ technology, enables software companies, developers and their merchants to combine payment transaction services with “real-time, all-the-time” fraud prevention. “Many of the acquirers and processors, who leverage our platform to recruit and integrate software companies to their services, have been requesting risk services to be available for their merchants,” said Peter Osberg, head of sales and marketing for IP Commerce. “Our software development community needed a risk solution to address a growing need for enhanced fraud prevention in the payments workflow.” ReD’s CEO Carl Clump said the availability of ReD Shield “promises substantial new advantages for tier two and tier three retailers,” which can now access the same online commerce capabilities as many of the world’s biggest players.