Online Payments Provider Shifts Focus to Social Gaming

Oct. 4, 2010

mopay, an alternative online payment solutions provider specializing in the gaming market, recently announced partnerships with 16 social gaming publishers. The company, which first introduced a mobile payment platform for browser games, has bolstered its position in the social gaming market with the announcement. Among mopay’s new publishing partners are Farbflut Entertainment, Geewa, Plinga, POPMOG and wooga. The companies publish their games over various platforms including Facebook, Hi5, MySpace, Orkut and VZ-Networks and offer in-game virtual goods and services for purchase. mopay said it enables these purchases via gamers’ mobile phones. “Working together with these companies shows that mopay has successfully made the transition from its original market browser games into the very exciting new social networks environment,” said Ingo Lippert, CEO of MindMatics AG, the German parent of U.S.-based mopay. “We are confident that there will be more big names to announce soon.”