Online Editing Service Takes PayPal for CNP Transactions

Sept. 2, 2010

Editor World, an online editing service, said it is now accepting payments through PayPal. The Newport, Va.-based company, which enables corporate, academic and literary clients to upload documents for automatic editing, said the new payment option demonstrates Editor World’s ongoing commitment to facilitating seamless transactions, and maintaining the highest standards in online payment processing and security. “Above all, our primary goal is to make all aspects of the editing process easy and convenient for our clients,” said Patti Fisher, owner. “PayPal is a respected leader in online payment processing and we are pleased to be able to provide the PayPal option as an additional safe way to pay for editing services.” Rates for the company’s services vary based on turnaround time and number of pages, starting at $4.50 per page for Editor World’s seven-day editing service and $9.00 per page for its one-day editing service. The company now accepts PayPal as well as major credit cards for its Card Not Present transactions.