Ogone Launches Enhanced Fraud Tool for E-Commerce Merchants

June 17, 2013

Ogone, a Brussels-based PSP on Friday said it has launched a new, enhanced fraud-fighting tool for its e-commerce clients. Ogone Fraud Expert enables merchants to set custom fraud rules that conform to their unique circumstances. The company said the new product uses device fingerprinting and an extensive set of rules to help merchants reduce the number of rejected legitimate transactions. The Belgian payment services provider said most merchants, confronted by more sophisticated fraudsters attacking the growing number of digital sales channels have tightened their blocking rules, which has led to a greater number of legitimate transactions being rejected.

“All in all, most of our clients’ fraud prevention costs have increased, which means that their margins have been correspondingly hit,” said Filip Gosselé, product director for Ogone. “Ogone Fraud Expert has been developed in order to provide an answer to these issues by combining precise configuration of historical risk analysis assistance tools, new fraudster identification tools and the outsourcing of the checks to Ogone’s fraud consultants.”