New Technology Ties Faces to ID for Strong Mobile Authentication

Oct. 29, 2015

Authentication Tech Ties Faces to ID for Strong Mobile Authentication Mitek, a San Diego-based company that was one of the first to develop mobile check deposit for banks has paired its advanced document authentication technology with facial recognition to authenticate users in real time during account opening or payment transactions. The new technology added to Photo Verify, which the company announced at an industry event in Las Vegas this week, became possible when Mitek acquired Dutch identity and authentication technology provider IDchecker in May of this year . The solution leverages the camera of a mobile device to enable banks or merchants to accept official documents like a driver’s license during an online account opening or checkout process, verify the documents are official and link the identity on the document to the user of the device.

“Our technology is able to recognize security features on the document and can tell instantly if it’s a real document,” said Michael Hagen, the founder of IDchecker and managing director and corporate ID strategist at Mitek. “Then because we are able to compare the face of the user to the photo on the document and tie them together, it’s all of a sudden really strong and powerful instant authentication of your user. It’s the bridge between all the physical attributes you have and the document that is really new and very cool.”

Mitek said it is able to accurately verify the authenticity of driver’s licenses in most U.S states because its technology can recognize advanced security features used in the printing process that most fraudsters miss when using fake documents. With a verified document and the ability to verify through the camera that the person holding the device is the same as the photo on the document, the traditional tradeoff between security and convenience is eliminated, according to Sarah Clark, vice president of product at Mitek.

“That’s really what we were trying to solve: making security and convenience not mutually exclusive,” Clark said. “My mantra is they go hand in hand.”