New Solution Addresses Omnichannel Data Challenge

As consumers continue to demand the ability to engage with retailers where, when and how they prefer, businesses are meeting that demand with omnichannel capabilities. One major challenge, for a payments perspective, has always been having access to the data generated by one channel when it is needed in another. Vendors are beginning to address this challenge and one, U.K.-based Creditcall, this week launched a technology solution for it.

Most merchants use different payment providers for in-store transactions and online transactions. Creditcall’s ChipDNA Link merges data from the different gateways associated with different providers and enables businesses to have visibility into both in “near real time.”

Creditcall CEO Lars Pedersen pointed to the recent acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon as an example of the convergence of the online and physical worlds and the increasing pressure to provide personalized experiences in both environments without disruption.

“Merchants and their payment providers are under immense pressure,” said Pedersen. “ChipDNA Link empowers payment companies to meet the omnichannel challenge by bridging in-store with online payments quickly, easily, and cost efficiently and improve their overall customer experience while reducing security concerns.”

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