MRC and Mercator Partner for CNP Research

Oct. 18, 2010

The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) and Mercator Advisory Group recently announced they have formed a partnership to develop a major research initiative to study the emerging digital identity ecosystem and its relationship to existing fraud management approaches, business relationships and potential government regulation in the CNP environment. The partnership will produce a report the companies said that “will serve as an industry standard for future conversations on the development of e-commerce authentication.” According to George Peabody, director of Mercator Advisory Group’s Emerging Technologies Service, the challenge presented by authenticating identity online has plagued the medium since well before the Internet was even broadly deployed. “With e-commerce merchants as the primary stakeholders, authentication and identity are key concerns. Our study addresses high potential technologies and suggests how they may be implemented for e-commerce applications,” Peabody said. “A key element of this research reviews current authentication and identity initiatives underway against the early stage evolution of an evolving identity ecosystem. To make the study results “actionable”, our efforts identify the new requirements: What do e-commerce merchants actually need?  How do current initiatives meet these requirements?” The companies said to expect a report detailing the research’s finding by the end of October.