Most Consumers Shop Online Weekly

Sept. 7, 2010

Eighty-three percent of consumers shop online at least weekly, according to a study released recently by Boston-based marketing company Compete. Forty-four percent of consumers reported that they research electronics online, but ultimately purchase electronics at a store, 30 percent do so with kitchen items, 28 percent with media and 28 percent prefer to research furniture online and buy it in the store. Compete said marketers can overcome the primary barriers to buying online by offering incentives that address the reasons many consumers research products online, but buy offline. Some of the top ways to encourage consumers to buy more products online are free shipping, free returns and fast shipping. In addition, the survey found the ability to use in-store coupons online is increasingly valued among consumers—51 percent indicated it is a motivator to make more purchases online, up from the 19 percent reported in Q1 2010.