Mopay Predicts Big Year for Direct Carrier Billing

Jan. 19, 2012

mopay, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based provider of direct carrier billing technology for online purchases, made several predictions for the payment method in the coming year, including that its adoption will increase tenfold by the end of 2012. The direct carrier billing company also expects consumer security concerns to drive mobile payments. “Consumers are demanding payment options that require as little personal information and confidential financial numbers as possible. In 2012, direct carrier billing will emerge as a true contender to replace credit cards for online transactions as the inherent security of the payment method will become known given the only information used is a mobile or landline phone number. As the actual phone is needed to complete the purchase, the risk of unauthorized purchases is potentially zero compared to data breaches involving credit cards.” mopay said direct carrier billing will enter a wide array of industries and operate in new scenarios of application, including entertainment and sports ticketing, expanded reach into paid content sites, insurance and subscriptions.