Mobile Payments Come to NYC Cabs

Aug. 19, 2013

A new app from VeriFone now is available to residents and visitors in New York City that will enable mobile payments in thousands of New York City taxi cabs. Passengers using the Way2Ride app check in when they get in a cab by tapping the phone on a terminal. Phones communicate with the terminal using sound rather than NFC or a bar code and fares and tips are processed using information stored in the cloud. In addition to payment, the app enables users to locate and hail vacant taxis.

“Way2ride makes every taxi ride better, whether you hail by hand or with an app,” said Amos Tamam, senior vice president of Taxi Systems for VeriFone. “An app that provides this convenience in every taxi in New York City, including the new for-hire vehicles in upper Manhattan and the boroughs, will be a real benefit to passengers and drivers alike.”

The company said 13,000 licensed yellow taxis are equipped with the Way2Ride terminals in New York City and the app will work in more than 70,000 cabs worldwide.